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Resident Spotlight: Delicia Morris

Delicia Morris and her family (husband John and three boys) lived in Westlawn from 2010 until just a few weeks ago. They were one of the last families to be relocated in preparation for new housing to be built over the next several years.

Ms. Morris has deep connections in the neighborhood, serving as vice president of the Westlawn Resident Council, president of the Housing Authority’s Resident Advisory Board, and as the lead Choice Neighborhood Case Manager working with relocated Westlawn residents. She previously worked as office manager at Carmen Middle/High School-Northwest when it opened in August 2013 until transitioning to the position with HACM.

One of her family’s favorite activities in the CNI neighborhood is riding their bikes from Westlawn Gardens down Custer Avenue to McGovern Park and back. They look forward to resuming those rides when they return to Westlawn Gardens after the new housing and additional amenities are built.

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