Through CNI, we will support positive outcomes for families who live in the target development and surrounding neighborhood, particularly outcomes related to residents' health, safety, employment, and education.

Goal: Increase workforce development services to build economic stability and self-sufficiency.

Desired Outcomes after 5 years:

  • 45% of able-bodied adults working full-time and 60% working full- or part-time.

  • Average earned income (excluding seniors and disabled) is $20,000.

  • 100 residents will complete financial education and open an Individual Development Account (IDA).

Goal: Improve access to quality healthcare services.

Desired Outcomes after 5 years:

  • 100% have a medical home and 100% have health insurance.

  • 67% of residents report excellent or good health.

  • 95% report low psychological distress.

  • Residents have improved access to fresh, healthy produce.

Goal: Expand youth services through Silver Spring Neighborhood Center and other entities.

Desired Outcome after 5 years:

  • Increased outreach to and participation of Westlawn children at Silver Spring Neighborhood Center.

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