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Ryan Braun celebrates SHARP Literacy students at Summer Learning Gain Initiative Rally

On Thursday, August 10, Milwaukee Brewer Ryan Braun helped celebrate SHARP Literacy students and their academic accomplishments at the conclusion of SHARP's eight-week Summer Learning Gain Initiative, which involved approximately 300 students at eight locations throughout Milwaukee. The locations were Neighborhood House of Milwaukee, Journey House, Our Next Generation, COA-Riverwest, Milwaukee Christian Center, Neu-Life at Gwen T. Jackson, and the Choice Neighborhood's own Silver Spring Neighborhood Center and Kluge Elementary School.

SHARP Literacy partnered with Braun and the Brewers Community Foundation to promote the Summer Learning Gain Initiative, a SHARP educational program that uses summer break to support academic success by helping urban school students catch up on previous learning loss and make strides toward exceeding academic expectations the following year.

Yesterday's event, held at the Silver Spring Neighborhood Center, featured baseball-themed activities, ice cream from the Brewers Treat Truck, and a visit from the Famous Racing Sausages™.

Congratulations to the hard-working students who participated in the Summer Learning Gain Initiative, and thanks to Ryan Braun and the Brewers for your support!

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