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Neighborhood Asset: Westlawn Gardens

Westlawn Gardens is a neighborhood at the cutting edge of urban development and is one of the CNI area’s most remarkable assets. The newly designed state-of-the-art Westlawn Gardens is a world leader in sustainability and offers a variety of high-quality, mixed-income housing options. This remarkable housing development features two mid-rise apartment buildings and many side-by-side townhomes ranging in size from two- to five-bedrooms. Westlawn Gardens also boasts walking paths, community gardens, a playground and informal playing fields. To top it off, Westlawn Gardens is one of the world’s most eco-friendly neighborhoods, thanks to its abundant green space, LED-lighted street lamps, energy efficient buildings and high-tech storm water system. The Housing Authority of the City of Milwaukee has begun construction on 90 additional apartments and townhomes with another 94 apartments scheduled to begin construction in spring. Take a peek at the Westlawn Gardens Neighborhood in this short video below.

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