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Havenwoods State Forest's Fascinating History

Havenwoods State Forest is one of the CNI area’s most remarkable assets, boasting 237 acres of lush green space right in the heart of Milwaukee’s north side, but the forest wasn’t always the urban oasis for adventure and exploration it is today. Did you know the land we now know as the state forest has been a county penal institution, a military prison, and a missile base? In fact, it wasn’t until 1980 that a citizens task force suggested turning the land into an open space and natural area, leading Havenwoods to become Wisconsin's first urban state forest. Havenwoods State Forest’s history even got the attention of local historian John Gurda a couple years ago! Check out his take on Havenwoods State Forest in this Milwaukee Journal Sentinel piece. Take a peek at Havenwoods State Forest in this video below.

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