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Partner Spotlight: Havenwoods Economic Development Corporation

Havenwoods is a vibrant, diverse community that is uniquely positioned to enjoy the vitality and convenience of urban living, in an area accented with natural greenery. It is a key neighborhood within the Choice Neighborhood Initiative area, and it is strengthened and supported by Havenwoods Economic Development Corporation (HEDC). HEDC, a key CNI partner, uses a variety of strategies to promote the revitalization of Havenwoods and focuses on economic development, community development, neighborhood management, and improving public infrastructure in the Havenwoods area. It's been a busy few months for HEDC:

  • Thanks to HEDC, the Havenwoods area is going to be featured in Around the Corner with John McGivern, a program that shows the rich and vibrant history of Wisconsin through its diverse neighborhoods.

  • Havenwoods was also recently named an up-and-coming Milwaukee neighborhood by Milwaukee Magazine.

  • Most recently, Havenwoods launched an Employer Assisted Homeownership Program supported by area businesses including: HellermanTyton, TMJ Innovations, Hentzen Coatings and Housing Resources Inc. and Johnson Controls. You can learn more about the program here.

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